Hire Harry to MC or Speak at your event


Turning Our Worst Days Into Our Best Days (60/90 mins)

Harry’s signature workshop on how to not overcome our adversities but to use them for good.

Harry shares the powerful story of his own experiences of domestic violence,

abuse, leaving home at 15 and breaks down his LIGHT model for transforming our Worst
Days into our Best Days.

This workshop is perfect for all organisations and communities that wish their team/staff/
pupils to be inspired and left with a can do mentality
(The 90 minute workshop covers extra content on how to manage emotional states)

Empowerment Workshop
(90/180 mins)

Harry’s Dynamic Action Packed and Content Rich Workshop To Improve Performance In Any Area of Life/Business Harry covers the three S’s for improving performance Plus his new version of the Ultimate Success formula.

Participants will leave with step by step systems that they may implement immediately to dramatically increase their performance in any area of their Life and/or Business.

This workshop is for any team/community wishing to raise their standards and performance levels irrespective of the sector or community.

(The 180 min version involves a Board Breaking activity for all participants)

Public Speaking Workshop
(60/90 mins)

Harry’s signature workshop on how to increase your confidence when speaking in groups for any area in Life, Work and or Business.

Harry not only covers WHY improving public speaking will improve your performance, he also covers WHAT to do and shares strategies on HOW to:

– Create content that is memorable, valuable and positions you as an authority in your topic/message

– Deliver presentations that are engaging, understood and transformational.

This workshop is for organisations wishing to support their staff or community to become
better communicators and public speakers and is adapted to meet the specific public
speaking needs of the community/organisation.

Become A Better Speaker One Day Workshop

Harry’s signature one day workshop for anyone wishing to increase their confidence when speaking in groups for any area in Life, School, Work and or Business On this action packed one day workshop Harry covers:

– Why improving public speaking will improve your performance and Life
– What you need to do to become a WORLD CLASS Speaker
– How to:
– Create content that is memorable, valuable and positions you as an authority in
your topic/message
– Deliver presentations that are engaging, understood and transformational
– Earn Income as a Professional Speaker
Harry will take participants through everything they need to create and deliver WORLD CLASS presentations every time.

This workshop is for those starting out as well as seasoned professional speakers who are humble enough to know there is always room for improvement. Harry’s promise is that all who attend will Become A Better Speaker


In addition to all of Harry’s signature workshops listed above, Harry is also invited as a keynote speaker for many organisations, speaking on areas he is passionate about in additon to Public Speaking including:

– Philanthropy
– Business
– Leadership
– Youth Leadership
– Women’s Empowerment
– Human Trafficking
– Homelessness


Plus Harry is not only a sought after Transformational Speaker and The Speaker Coach for so many World Class Speakers, he is also one of the Worlds’ leading MC’s.

Harry has been the MC for many organisations including Success Resources Global, and
Global Woman.

So if you want someone who is a master at ensuring the effective flow of your event and the needs of all stakeholders at your event are met then do reach out to the team for more info.

Contact the team if you have any questions
and or are interested in Hiring Harry to deliver one of his workshops for your team/community, and we will send you a few questions about your organisations and desired outcomes to ensure Harry can add as much value as possible
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Kiran Kapadia on